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Hello friends, eonlineexam.in has your best wishes, in this online exam system, you can practice online exam, in which practice paper is uploaded to prepare for the exam which gives you experience like exam. In this system, Rajasthan Government Patwari, Police Constable, LDC, Information Assistant etc. are being prepared for the exam and registration on this portal is absolutely free and there is no charge of any kind.

This portal has been divided into three categories.

👉 1. In this, you can give online exam by registering and see your result and it has an option of online contribution so that you can enter your question and answer as well.

👉 2. In this, the option of mock practice test is being shown, in this, you can give mock test by clicking on the mock practice test without even registering.

👉 3. In this, the option of Online Contribution Practice Test is being shown, the question and answer given by you or the user will be shown in it, you can give mock practice test by clicking in it without registering.